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Life can get busy and somewhat complicated which can hinder us from reaching our personal growth potential. Below are just a few helpful ideas to put into practice in moving forward with positive personal growth.


Overcoming small challenges, one at a time, can bring so much progress and give you the drive and determination to keep going. Once you reach the big challenges, they won’t seem as big because you’ve worked hard to get there and are so much stronger and more aware of what you can accomplish.


Be mindful of those negative thoughts that can create negative actions. Negativity leaves no room for improvement and will delay your best intentions. Leave the Negative Nelly behind.


Look for those who have a positive influence and can be of assistance in helping you achieve your goals. It’s okay to ask for help. Let them be your cheerleader or accountability partner in moving forward. Everybody needs somebody and that includes you. 


Always celebrate how far you’ve come. Give yourself a pat on the back with positive feedback and small rewards. Celebrating your victories will motivate you to keep moving forward. So celebrate! You’ve earned it!

I know there are more than just four ways in reaching personal growth but these might be a good place to start. What has helped you in reaching your goals and moving forward with personal growth?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to share any ideas.


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Hey Friend, Welcome to a part of my small world. Because this is called the "About Me" Page, I probably should say a few things about me. Right? Here goes.... I was a Certified Child Development Specialist for over twenty years, while working with infants, toddlers, Pre-K and Head Start..... I am now a Certified (Christian) Breakthrough Life Coach through Life Breakthrough Academy. I could say so much more between the dot, dot, dots...but I'll spare you the boredom. LOL I am the founder of -Her Journey Towards Change- for women who are (for whatever reason) on their journey towards change. I believe everyone needs that 'go to' person in facilitating change. But, sadly, not everyone does. I know what it's like trying to figure life out but can't seem to get past the 'stuck' mindset. The first step to becoming 'unstuck' is being truthful with yourself. Believe me...I know. This is why I started 'Her Journey Towards Change.' I have a passion and purpose for serving God and for serving women. My hope is to provide you with a valuable service in finding clarity in your struggles, accountability in reaching your goals, assisting with strategies through guidance and support, focus on your God-given talents and unique skills, offer positive insights and new perspectives and eliminate the negativity that might be pulling you down. I truly believe God has given women a uniqueness like nothing else in this world. I also believe when we, as women, understand our identity in Christ, we can know our purpose. And in spite of our challenges, we can live in faith with the hope and joy God desires for us. ~Born and raised as a coal miner's daughter in North Central West Virginia is what keeps me humble. My influence as a Christian, wife, mother and grandmother gives me purpose. Living my life to the fullest and making each day count is what keeps me fulfilled. Using my God-given talents for others simply makes me happy...and living for God is what makes me whole.~


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