5 Tips To a Better Life-Coaching Experience

Contemplating a life coach session?

If you are thinking about spending your time and money on life coaching sessions, I think it’s important to for you to know a few things before you make the commitment. Life coaches are often confused for therapists, consultants and mentors, but that’s not what a life coach is. Professional coaching is a different type of conversation. Life Coaches do a lot of asking which requires the client to follow up with a lot of answers. These thought-provoking questions are asked to help you find your answers and your solutions to your future. In order to get the best possible results from your sessions, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Perspective is everything. Be willing to have an open mind. Be open to change. A closed mind will not give the best results. The first step is asking yourself if you are coachable. If not, then maybe you are not ready for change. Your coach wants coachable clients. You want a coach you can trust. This is vital in making progress.
  • Expression is everything. Many clients may think the coach will do all the talking, all the suggesting, all the advice giving. Not true. It’s all about you. So express your thoughts. Your feelings. All of it…the good, the bad and the ugly. If you can do this, you will maximize your coaching experience.
  • Timing is everything. If you are reading up to this point, then you need to know time is essential in your life coaching experience. Like anything else that is worth the time, you need to make the time. Give yourself the space to invest in your self improvement through change. Be mindful of when and where you are while talking with your coach. Whether via phone or virtual sessions, prioritize by clearing your schedule for the allotted time. Your space should be quiet to allow total focus on you and your session. A space for privacy and little to no interruptions.
  • Perservering is everything. To help you move forward, your coach may give you action steps to take (tasks) to implement between sessions. Of course, this is totally optional. You choose how much or how little effort you make. But, this is where transformation could possibly take place. Following through can benefit in equipping you with the best life coaching experience possible.
  • Thriving is everything. Change can be difficult but it can be such an incredible victory. Allow yourself to enjoy the breakthrough moments. Embrace the experiences. Appreciate life. Focus on you and celebrate the wins, even the small ones.

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