I woke this morning with a thousand words running through my head. The very same words from my pillows bed. These words. These ramblings. They’re like a run-away train. Sometimes this world seems so insane.

Thinking beyond the scope of these pages, I am seized with an overwhelming feeling as my thoughts manifest. 

My heart can only feel what my mind is able to comprehend. My mind can only see what my thoughts allow to hear. 

The world is much bigger than the space in my head. And my head can only hold so many words. So, I write.

I write these words of rumination. A manifestation of life’s destination. Mere questions of truth and foundation. You have permission to do the same, with your own narration of interpretation.

And so, I ask…

Did you ever light a match to watch it burn? How close did it come to the point of no return?

Did you ever draw a line daring yourself to cross over? Did you stare it down? Or step across with composure? 

Is it better to face consequences or never knowing right from wrong?

Are you stronger when a rebel? Or does your strength come from within when you don’t think you’re very strong?

Who is more lonely? Those you want to belong or those who don’t?

Which is valued more? A penny for your thoughts or a penny for the poor?

Have you ever wished you were someone else? And what would that resolve? 

Have you ever thought you deserved much more? How would you feel if you really got what you deserved? 

Is God someone you’ve come to learn or a two syllable word you’ve learned to say? 

Have you ever ignored what should have been heard? Or listened to what should not have been said? 

Have you ever felt sorry for yourself but not for others? 

Have you ever fought for a cause but not for the truth? 

Are mistakes inevitable? Does that make it okay? 

Would you rather be a walking dead man?  Or a dead man risen? Do you even know the difference? 

Is failing ever a good thing? 

Have you ever been the judge? Yet, not want to be judged? 

Which is worse? Not praying at all or praying in vain? 

If you knew you only had twenty four hours left to live, would you do anything different? And would it really be sincere? 

If you had to choose between happiness and joy, which would you choose? Did you know there is a difference between the two? 

How do you distinguish the difference in politically correct and spiritually correct? 

Which is worse? Reading this post and not caring or “liking” but not reading? 

Is anything ever just black and white?

And the question remains of how to see from another’s perspective …or can we? A world of aggravation and lack of discretion….Such is life with our many obsessions.

I pray I always have eyes that see the best in another, a heart that forgives the worst, a resolve that forgets the hurt and a soul that never loses faith in God!

If you’re here, right now, this very moment…please share your thoughts. I’d love to chat.

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8 Replies to “Obsession”

  1. Hi there, I benefited from the question: If you knew you only had 24 hours to live, would you do anything different?” It also led me to relief about some decisions I have made recently which I wasn’t sure about, where compassion led me to deny practical considerations. Sometimes, we need to see with “spiritual eyes,” and when I can shut out all the well-meaning advice of friends and family and support the people I love who have “messed up” so many times in the past, and continually believe in them, I feel they can then believe in themselves. So glad I did this, with only 24 hours left to live….LOL.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. And yes, I love how you share about seeing with spiritual eyes. It’s the only way that gives truth for me. It’s so hard to imagine only having 24 hours to live until something tragic happens and we see things from a different perspective, and then… it’s sometimes temporary and then we go back to our normal thought precess of living with no thought of the future. Appreciate your comments. Hope you visit here again.

  2. Some very deep and thought-provoking questions here Laura. Thank you! The one re: happiness and joy reminds me of a lesson I learned in well over a decade’s time. Like a lot of things, something I didn’t learn in a formal classroom. I’ll take joy… it’s there for the long-haul, if I allow it to be.

    1. Oh yes! Joy is the way to go. That’s one thing that keeps me grounded in this world. Happiness is good but joy life giving. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Look forward to future chats.

  3. I pray I always have eyes that see the best in another, a heart that forgives the worst, a resolve that forgets the hurt and a soul that never loses faith in God!…. so good!

  4. Wow! What a thought-provoking post. The question that provoked the most thoughts in me is: How do you distinguish the difference in politically correct and spiritually correct? My answer: Politically correct is saying the right thing; spiritually correct is being the right person.

    1. Dawn, Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate your comments. The two are different separate and apart but so many try to make them one.

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