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We all get ‘stuck’ every now and then, but the thing is…we don’t have to stay stuck. There are always options in moving forward, even if it’s only one step at a time: it’s still progress.

Below are 8 THINGS WE MIGHT BE DOING IF YOU’RE ‘STUCK’ and 8 TIPS TO GETTING ‘UNSTUCK’. These have helped me, and I hope it’s encouraging and will help you, as well.

YOU MIGHT BE STUCK IF: No matter what you do, nothing changes.

Your “why” defines what type of change you are looking for. What is your core reason or motivation behind this change? What do you want your outcome to be? Try to visualize what this might look or feel like. Your “why” has to come from with you. No one can give you your “why”. Your “why” is what fuels you to move, to take action and make changes.

YOU MIGHT BE STUCK IF: You can’t find joy and happiness in life.


Take notice of what you are dwelling on. This might be what is depleting your joy. Thank God every day for what is real and good in your life. Your blessings are God-given and recognizing what you have rather than what you don’t have can make a huge difference in that joy and happiness being present. PRACTICE GRATITUDE. Be fully present in who you are and what you have been blessed with every single day.

YOU MIGHT BE STUCK IF: Everything seems harder than it used to be.


Celebrate the small wins while taking small steps. It’s okay to be proud of your accomplishments, especially the small ones. Write them down as a reminder. Share with someone who will support and encourage you. and don’t forget to reward yourself for being committed in moving forward. It’s okay to reward yourself. Really, it is.

YOU MIGHT BE STUCK IF: You know what your goals are but not sure what to do.


Make your goals clear. Clarify what you want. Set goals that you can control. What I mean by that is, don’t set the bar too high. Make it within your reach. Be realistic in your goal setting. Break them down into long- or short-term goals and set a date of when you want to reach your goal. Write them down. Share with a friend. Sharing them and visibly seeing them will make it easier to take action and hold you more accountable.

YOU MIGHT BE STUCK IF: You’re not motivated and can’t focus.


Be mindful of your surroundings and your environment. It might sound too simple, but it works. Be aware of the people, places and things that are influencing you. Surround yourself with positive people, positive places, and positive things as much as you can. Setbacks are normal-so take a break, when needed, and refocus. Set boundaries with the negativity that might be keeping you stuck. Picture your future self of where you want and hope to be.

YOU MIGHT BE STUCK IF: You do as little as possible and procrastinate.

Change what you’re doing or not doing. Find one task that needs done. Complete it. Check it off. Find one more thing. Complete it. Check it off. Don’t focus on the gap of where you are to where you want to be. Focus on the here and now, one day at a time.

YOU MIGHT BE STUCK IF: You overthink everything and it’s difficult to make decisions.


Accept the fact that you don’t have all the answers. Stop thinking all the if’s, and’s and but’s and realize it’s okay to be in the messy middle before reaching your goal. Reach out to others who you admire or those who have reached their goals. ASK questions. RECEIVE suggestions. TAKE ACTION and make adjustments along the way. You don’t know what you don’t know but…you also won’t know what you don’t learn. We learn from our mistakes. Take the risk and make the decision.

YOU MIGHT BE STUCK IF: You find yourself doing the same thing over and over again but not getting any results.


Do one thing different every day. If you keep doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same results. Seek advice from friends, family, neighbors, a minister, a therapist or counselor, A LIFE COACH, or even in a Facebook Group among members who have overcome the same or similar obstacles. It’s okay to ask for help. I can’t stress this enough. IT’S OKAY TO ASK FOR HELP. The idea is about making progress. So, aim to improve. It’s about PROGRESS not perfection.

I hope this blog post has been an encouragement to you and come back next week for more inspiration as we go this journey together.

Until next week, take care.



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